The Superbowl is way more than just a commercialized, beer guzzling manfest. It’s the perfect chance to show off your team spirit with a champion-style mani inspired by your favorite team. No matter who you are cheering for, in the end you’ll be declared the winner with the most spirit and the meanest, freshest fanicure of all. Here are a few that we’ve endorsed with our Haute stamp of approval.

Team: Seattle Seahawks


Matte is where it’s at. This smooth finish was achieved using Butter London, $19  And, is it me or is this Seahawk giving off an Eye of Horus glare? Probably to ward off those Broncos.


A hint of glitter gives this nail design just the right touch of sparkle and shine that it needs to stand out.


Can you feel the electric excitement this neon mani is giving off? It’s like a gleaming sign that screams, GO SEAHAWKS!


 Team: Denver Broncos


You know you’re playing on another level of championship fanicure greatness when you break out the rhinestones.


It’ll be a swift race to the end zone when Denver’s offense steps on the field. Take a cue from the team and give nails a quick dry with this fast drying top coat by Seche Vite, $5


We think Miles and Thunder, the Bronco’s two official mascots, would be proud of the serious kick this orange is giving this mani using “Frostbite” and “Orange You Hot” by China Glaze, $6.


Which team are you rooting for to take the big win?


Photos via Pinterest