This seemingly never-ending winter has been a real drag. And unless you’ve been lucky enough to stay huddled up in a blanket fort with a bowl of flavored popcorn and your favorite Netflix series for the past four months, the chances are that you’ve been out in that cold, and it probably hasn’t exactly been kind to your hair. Don’t get us wrong, the dry cold hair can bizarrely have a few benefits for your strands. The less moisture there is in the air, the less chance of your just-flat-ironed ‘do frizzing up once you step outside. But anything in excess is bound to cause more harm than good, and in this case, the zero humidity can lead to dried out hair that practically breaks to the touch.

But don’t start barricading yourself indoors or piling on the conditioner just yet! We did some investigating into a couple of homemade hair masks that are totally natural and are ready to combat the cold with ingredients you can probably find in your fridge right now.

The Emollient Egg, Avocado and Olive Oil Triple Threat:

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 2 tsps. of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 ripe avocado (or 1 whole avocado if your hair is extra long!)

Just mash up the avocado and add it to the egg yolks until you’ve got a well-blended mixture. Stir in the olive oil and apply to dry hair for 20-30 minutes, and cover it up with a shower cap or saran wrap to seal in extra moisture. (And maybe hang on to the avocado pit to shake menacingly at anyone who giggles at your goopy green hat, though you’ll have the last laugh when you rinse it all out with cool water and shampoo as normal to reveal your shiny new locks!)

Sweet Softness with Milk and Honey

  • 1 cup room temperature whole milk (or 2cups if your hair is extra long!)
  • 2 tbsps. honey

Simply pour both ingredients into a bowl and stir until the honey dissipates as much as possible. Try to smooth out as many lumps as you can in the mixture, heating it up in the microwave for a couple of seconds can really help! Apply to dry hair and leave in for about an hour, so you’ve got plenty of time to head back to your blanket bunker (no judging; just envy) to watch the latest House of Cards┬ábefore showering and shampooing as usual.

What are your favorite hydrating hair masks?

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