There is no better fashion accessory than 10 freshly polished and manicured nails. We all have our go-to color, be it the classic french tip or the bold red, but sometimes your nail color selection can get repetitive. What if you could create totally original nail designs that coordinate perfectly with your outfit?

Taryn Multack, known as Miss Ladyfinger, is a fashion professional and self-taught nail artist who does an awesome job at translating the latest high fashion trends into beautiful nail art designs. Her designs are exquisite and look somewhat complex, but her tutorials are shockingly simple, complete with great product recommendations.

Here are 10 of Miss Ladyfinger’s awesome nail designs that you can recreate for yourself.  And if you like these, she posts two new “Manicure Muse” posts every week. Good luck!

1. Isabel Marant pour H&M

Miss Ladyfinger for H&M

This is one of her most recent designs, inspired by the new H&M collection that launched on Nov. 14th. People went absolutely crazy for this collection, and you can see why — this pattern is really fun, and it translates to a very unique nail design.

2. Peter Som Spring ’14

Miss Ladyfinger Peter Som Spring '14

The cross between a floral print and leopard print are especially brilliant in this shade of blue polish.

3. Mara Hoffman Spring ’14

Miss Ladyfinger Mara Hoffman Spring '14

We’ve all seen the classic rainbow striped nail design, but these nails shake up that classic concept with dots and interweaving arches.

4. Missoni Spring ’14

Miss Ladyfingr Missoni Spring '14

These nails looked extra hard to create at first, but after going through the simple steps of the tutorial it really doesn’t seem too bad. Miss Ladyfinger tells you to rub some gray polish over the nails, which gives them a cool, edgy look.

5. Andrew Gn Spring ’14

Miss Ladyfinger Andrew Gn Spring '14

These nails are sure to make you stand out, thanks to the copious amounts of sparkle and glitter. Glittery nails can sometimes be a little cheesy, but these are perfectly elegant.

6. Thakoon Addition Spring ’14

Miss Ladyfinger Thakoon Addition Spring '14

This design takes a unique perspective on the classic black-and-white stripes — mixing up the horizontal and vertical lines give your nails a mod look.

7. Vanessa Bruno Spring ’14

Miss Ladyfinger Vanessa Bruno Spring '14

I appreciate this look, because I want plaid to always be in. The shades of blue in this design are beautiful, and the black lines really make them pop.

8. ICB by Prabal Gurung Spring ’14

Miss Ladyfinger ICB by Prabal Gurung Spring '14

This look also incorporates some glitter, but subtly so.  The gray-rub technique comes into play again, and the solid stripe of blue tastefully accentuates the glitter.

9. Carven Spring ’14

Miss Ladyfinger Carven Spring '14

Thankfully, the camouflage nail-art pattern isn’t as difficult as it may seem, and there is a lot of wiggle room for you to sort of create your own version of the pattern. These colors are also incredibly fun to have around anyway.

10. Fendi Spring ’14

Miss Ladyfinger Fendi Spring '14

The overall inspiration for this nail design is the ombre trend. Miss Ladyfinger puts a fun twist on the classic look by making the color gradient angular.

Which of these nail looks will you try out?

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