The first few days of the new year are full of resolutions, but there are always things that are just out of our control. Whether or not you believe in luck, these charms should have you covered in fending off the bad while staying stylish. Try them out and see for yourself!

1. Sailor Knot Bracelet | Flights of Delight


The sailor knot has been a good luck charm for ages. Originally practiced by sailors for fun, the knot began representing good luck for them and their families, ensuring their return home.

2. The Four Leaf Clover | Fashion Blog


The four leaf clover is tried and true. What symbolizes luck more than this? This tutorial is relatively easy but makes an eye-catching accessory.

3. Friendship Bracelet | Honestly WTF

honestly wtf friendship bracelet

Perhaps you never really thought of a friendship bracelet as a “lucky charm” but we sure think it is. It symbolizes a bond between two people, and what could bring greater fortune besides love?

4. Kabbalah Red String | eHow

Spool of red thread

The Kabbalah Red String bracelet has been spotted on celebrities like Madonna, Britney Spears, and Gwyneth Paltrow, and it is said to ward off evil. While you can purchase one online, it is also possible to make one yourself.

5. Evil Eye Bracelet | My Little Secret

evil eye

The evil eye is said to ward off just that: an evil eye. According to various cultures, when someone looks at you with envy or in spite, it automatically impacts you and your aura negatively. This bracelet will surely keep those around you in check.

6. Dreamcatcher Necklace | Pretty & Fresh


Dream catchers apparently have the ability to fend off bad dreams and the subsequent negative thoughts. Many swear by them — and plus, their earthy vibe and trendy feathered look is perfect for summer time.

What do you use as a good luck charm?

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