A great way to show your holiday spirit is by painting your nails with some of the colors and shapes of the season. Need to add some more elegance to your Christmas outfit? Paint some snowflakes on your nails. Want to jazz up your ugly Christmas sweater? Deck out your nails with some Santa faces. If you are looking for an affordable way to show your Christmas spirit, nail art is the way to go.

Some of the designs are simple while others require some more patience and skill, but all of the tutorials are pretty easy to follow. If you don’t want your nails to miss out on the holiday fun, check out these 10 great tutorials. There’s still a few weeks left until Christmas, so you have time to try them all!

1. Gift Wrapped Nail Art | TotallyCoolNails

With this great design, your nails will look just as inviting as the pile of gifts under your tree. The red and gold used in the tutorial makes this design really elegant, but it might also look cute with other colors, depending on if you want to be classy or fun.

 2. Santa and Elf Suit Nail Art | cutepolish

This design is adorable and actually pretty easy to do. You don’t even need any fancy tools — just your polish brushes and some toothpicks.

 3. Peppermint Swirl Nail Art | HannahRoxNails

This design looks like perfect little candies, but making that pattern 10 times could get dizzying. Doing just one nail on each hand with the swirl would look just as cute.

 4. Snowy Christmas Lights Nail Art Tutorial | luxuriousnails

Using a makeup sponge to dab on white polish really does create an effect that looks just like there is a tiny snow drift on each of your nails.

5. Easy Christmas Nail Art | Robin Moses Nail Art

The title of this tutorial is a little misleading, but if you have a steady hand and some patience, you will be able to get your nails looking like tiny pieces of elegant wrapping paper.

 6. Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial on Short Nails | IndigoNova1

This tutorial is geared toward people with short nails, which is a nice change, and the snowflakes are gray instead of white, making them really stand out against the lovely blue color.

 7. Holiday Glitter Nails | EverythingLuxy

This is a great idea for creating sparkly, beautiful nails without too much work. All you have to do is roll your nails around in some glitter! This design would also be great for New Year’s Eve.

 8. Starbucks Red Holiday Cups Inspired Nail Art | HelloMaphie

At this point, Starbucks’ red cups are one of the staples of the Christmas season. This design mimics the patterns on this year’s cups, so you can drink your peppermint mocha in style.

 9. Christmas Cupcake Nails | MissJenFABULOUS

These adorable Christmas cupcake designs almost look good enough to eat! Almost.

 10. Nail Art for Christmas:The Ultimate Guide! | cutepolish

If you are undecided on a nail design so far, this video combines 10 more simple tutorials into one video. If you don’t have time to sort through a million tutorials, this is a great one.

Which holiday nail art designs will you try?

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