It’s a scene all too familiar in the summer months – spending a good half hour (at least) curling, flat-ironing, or styling our hair to our liking, only for our manes to explode and/or fall completely flat in a humidity-induced disaster upon stepping outdoors. It’s a phenomenon no amount of hairspray can prevent, and leaves us resorting to whipping out the hair elastic, forcing us to toss up our ruined masterpiece. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good top knot…but you can only rock the messy bun so many times before looking – and feeling – like a lazy college student. Le sigh.

But before you chuck your hairdryer out the window, relax, because we’ve got the cutest and easiest solution to your summer hair woes. After rounding up 10 of the prettiest braids the internet has to offer, we’re positive these plaits will have you looking great, sans frizz. And before you get all, “ain’t nobody got time for that,” trust us – these DIY summer braids are made so simple with tutorials to help a sister out. You’re welcome.

 1. 5 Strand Dutch Braid


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We’re obsessed with this gorgeous, showstopping braid. Get the how-to here!


2. 2-Minute Low Braided Bun


 image via

This pretty, effortless look can be done so quickly – it’s the perfect solution to those “oh sh*t  I overslept” mornings. Check out the tutorial!


3. Bohemian Side Braid


image via

The best part about this beautiful boho braid? The messier, the better. (And can we talk about the hair envy? Pretty sure this girl is the Little Mermaid in human form.) Get the details here!


4. The Beach Braid


image via

Leave it to our friends at Refinery29 to create this beachy, double waterfall braid look. Visit their website to catch the tutorial!


5. Relaxed French Braid


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This twist on the classic french braid is sure to turn heads. Watch the video tutorial to learn how to create this gorgeous look!


 6. Mixed Braid Messy Bun

mixed braid updo

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Can’t decide what braid you want to sport? Try both! Blogger Amber Fillerup shows you how to get this fantastic messy updo here!


7. Scarf Crown Braid

scarf-diy braid

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Add extra flair to your usual milkmaid crown braid by adding a scarf. Grab the details here.

8. 4-Strand Slide-Up Braid

diy summer braid

image via

Don’t have time to braid your whole head? No problem. This adorable “slide-up” braid is so simple – find out how to do it here!


9. Ponytail Lace Braid

carousel braid

image via tumblr

You’ll look like a princess in this amazing Rapunzel-esque lace braid. Check out the tutorial here!



Which DIY summer braid look is your favorite?


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