For this DIY Thursday, we’re exploring the possibilities of DIY shoe alterations that you can do yourself! C’mon, we all have those shoes we haven’t worn in ages. Maybe all they need is a little spark to put some life back in their step! We’ve found some great tutorials to help get those gears turning. With a little love, you’re going to transform your shoe collection, we promise!


1. Agate Stone Sandal (via P.S. – I made this…)

Agate Sandal by P.S. - I made this...

Skill level: Beginner. Anyone can easily conquer this DIY shoe tutorial and transform a pair of tired sandals. Such a simple and cute idea, we approve!

2. Jeweled Heels (via Honestly… WTF)

Jeweled Heels by Honestly... WTF

Honestly… WTF killed it with this one. We never thought this DIY could be pulled off, but alas – they look great and avoided a kitschy fiasco.

3. Ankle Chain Flat (via I Spy DIY)

Ankle Chain Flat DIY by I Spy DIY

Super simple DIY shoe project that adds a little shine to your flats. Try this with other materials, the looks are endless!

4. Hemp Chord Stripes (via Bit + Co.)

DIY Sandals by Brit + Co.

We loved this hemp cord embellishment that Brit + Co. came up with. This is a cute and super-festive look for the warm weather!

5. Galaxy Sneakers (via SwellMayde)

shoe 5Galaxy sneaker by SwellMayde

We knew exactly what this shoe was going for when we saw the image. Shoot for the stars and try this DIY shoe tutorial for youself! (Sorry, we had to.)

6. Dip Dye Sneaker (via Frankie)

Dip Dye shoe by Frankie

This is a very well done tutorial. Follow this step-by-step demonstration to achieve die-dyed shoes that look professionally done. We’re definitely going to have to try this one!

Which DIY shoe is your favorite?
Let us know!

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