So the weather has been a little bipolar. It almost reaches 70 degrees one day and the next, we’re suddenly scrambling to find our fuzzy socks and down jackets that we happily packed away about three weeks ago. But at the end of April, no matter how crazy this weather has been, it’s always best to be prepared. And by that, we mean prepping your feet for sandal season. Once we’re able to shake these chilly winds (although, we’re seriously questioning if that’s ever going to happen), you’ll be sporting more open-toed shoes and you’ll want to make sure your toes look as cute as your outfit.

Thanks to Goldfish Kiss, we’ve found the cutest DIY pedicure art that’s perfect for welcoming the warm weather this spring season or rocking at the beach all summer. No more boring pedicures that are one color and “have to go with everything” — take your love for nail art to your feet. And what’s a better way to celebrate the sun on your toes than with something that’s as festive as bright pink flamingos? Turns out, these adorable birds aren’t just for lawn decorations in South Florida or for a summery print on an Aloha shirt.

In order to complete the look you will need nail polish in the following colors: light blue, light pink, bright pink, black and white. You’ll also need a nail art brush (or a toothpick!) and some patience. But it’s totally worth it because it’ll be the most fly pedicure you’ll have all season! Head over to Goldfish Kiss for the full tutorial.