Just when you thought ombre hair was done? It’s back with a vengeance.

The popular hair trend may become even more ubiquitous thanks to a new drugstore option. L’Oreal Paris’s “edgy” Feria line will be launching their Wild Ombre dye sets this month. The $13 kits include a patented “expert brush” (which looks vaguely like a sweater shaver), and a three part lightening system of Lighting Powder, Lightening Crème, and Crème Developer. The whole process should take no longer than 25-45 minutes.

You can thank French L’Oreal consultant and stylist Christophe Robin, who convinced the brand to add ombre to their brand ouevre. “Do a mask to condition and prepare hair a week before to mend the ends,” he advises. “Also turning the brush horizontally might look too defined but if turned vertical, you will get a more natural look.” Short hair? Robin suggests back-combing the dye into follicles from the ends to mid-shaft.

Here’s the good word from L’Oreal:

Feria introduces the first a-home ombre system designed to achieve the hottest, most sought-after color trend without going to a salon. Now ombre is in your hands, with the patented Expert Brush making it as easy as brushing your hair.

We’re a little dubious when it comes to this one–and not just the generous characterizing of ombre as the “hottest, most sought-after color trend.” There are a great many drugstore innovations we’ve seen for spring 2013 (like this liquid liner), but the prospect of attempting to ombre your locks at home? Somehow more terrifying than slathering a single hue all over your head in the privacy of your bathroom. We’ll be taking a pass on this one.

If you’re ready to take the DIY plunge with this one, Feria Wild Ombre comes in three shades and will be hitting drugstores this month.