If you’ve been following any of Shailene Woodley’s interviews on her extensive press tour for The Fault in Our Stars, you know that her glowing skin and all-around radiance is au naturel. Well, as close to au naturel as you can get at least. The teen-movie megastar (who’s actually a very not-so-teenage 22-years-old) has long praised the benefits of natural health and beauty and using even more natural methods to achieve it. And while her clay-eating habits may be a little too out of left field for our tastes, our DIY-obsessed selves can totally get behind her quick and easy beauty tips. In her recent guest appearance on The Queen Latifah Show, Woodley shared how to make three of her favorite DIY beauty products: a lip stain, a hair texturizer and toothpaste. Bonus: Each recipe only requires a few ingredients and can be prepared in seconds. — as if we didn’t love Woodley enough already. Read on for a quick run-down of each recipe and check out the video below to hear Woodley’s stories behind each recipe!

Lip Stain: For a darker, bold shade of red, Woodley rubs cooled-off roasted beets on her lips. For a more “sunkissed” color, Woodley says you can use pomegranate seeds or cherries on the lips. Once the juice is dried, dab on some chapstick on top for moisture.

Hair Texturizer: Woodley combines sea salt and water in a spray bottle for that just-stepped-off-the-beach look, and sometimes adds lavender essential oil just for kicks.

And for those who are really into the DIY health movement like Woodley…

Toothpaste: First, Woodley mixes powdered clay (bentonite works well), baking soda and coconut oil (which Woodley says helps remove stains a la oil pulling) until it becomes a thick paste and swipes it on a toothbrush. Then, instead of spitting the toothpaste out, Woodley swallows it to help remove toxins within the body.