After a winter that felt more akin to something out of Westeros than the East Coast, sunny skies and steady 60-degree temperatures are all we need to break out the shorts, sleeveless tees and sandals. But while the cold weather seems like a distant memory, its effects can still remain visible in what we want to expose most: our skin. Enter the ever-therapeutic DIY bath bomb. Not only will its ingredients exfoliate and soften rough, dead skin, but also provide stress-busting benefits (because let’s face it, you always need them). The best part? You can make the fizzy bathtime treat at home, thanks to a recipe from Popsugar’s Kirbie Johnson. Read on for the complete list of ingredients and how to make bath bombs with ease, or head to Popsugar to watch more awesome videos.

What you’ll need: baking soda, corn starch, epsom salt, cream of tartar, essential oil (we like lavender and eucalyptus, but feel free to use whatever fragrance you’d like!), vegetable oil, water and a fillable ornament. After that, all it takes is some combining, blending, whisking and mixing and a little patience. But in no time you, be sitting in warm bath, just relaxing and daydreaming about not having work tomorrow. Scroll down to watch the video and be sure to leave us a comment letting us know all about your bomb!

 Have you tried these homemade bath bombs?