Sometimes, you just feel like you have nothing to wear. And sometimes, you feel like you have no funds to spend on new clothing. It’s a dilemma, we know. However, when that occurs, what could be better than to reinvent your old, tired clothes into something new and a little more exciting? Thank goodness for DIY.

There’s a darker side to every story, though. The problem with DIY can sometimes be that they get too complicated. I’ll be looking at a tutorial, scratching my head, and wondering how a normal human could do this or have time for it. Luckily, we have a solution. DIY Collars! It honestly does not get any simpler than this. Some cutting, some gluing, maybe some sewing, and all of a sudden you’ve transformed an article of clothing and/or created the perfect accessory. Please do try these at home.

Studded Collar (via PacSun)

pacsun collar

Ok, so, when did PacSun get so cool? We love this collar. It’s probably our favorite out of the bunch. The best part is that it’s not attached to a shirt, so we can mix it up with a bunch of other outfits. And, this is the perfect accessory to incorporate – thanks to the punk trend – without going overboard. Fashion police not needed here!

Zipper Tee (via Trash to Couture)

zipper top

This tee almost looks like it could be store-bought. We all need and love basics. White tees, black tees, you get the picture. But sometimes they can get, well, boring. Here is a simple way to change it up a bit. By adding a zipper you’re adding an interesting element and drawing the eye upward.

Embellished Denim Shirt (via Honestly…WTF)


Ummmm, ok, so we are not saying that we don’t love a denim shirt, but sometimes they make us feel a little manly. Is that just us? We think menswear is so in this Fall, but we don’t want to actually look like a man! (Unless that’s your thing. Then by all means, please do.) This embellished collar is the perfect way to add a feminine touch to an otherwise toughed up look. Plus, who doesn’t love added bling?

Gem Embellished Sweatshirt (via I Spy DIY)

gem collar

Sweatshirts – due to their “sporty” nature – are quite on trend. Pair a slouchy style with leather pants? Hello, Kanye (Please click for our Fall style inspiration)! Naturally, we only want to elevate this look, and what better way to do this than embellishing the neckline with gems. This version has a color pop, but we think you can keep it to neutrals for a much more grown-up appeal.

Pearl Collar (via Stripes and Sequins)


Sometimes it’s hard to decide on what to wear to work that can easily transition to a night out. Usually, I’m too lazy to go home first so I need to carefully prepare either the night before or the morning of. This classic white blouse with a pearl collar seems like the perfect trick!

Crochet Necklace Collar (via Lots and Lots)

lace collar

This tutorial shows you how to make a collar without having to cut up a shirt. With some simple crochet fabric, a chain, and some gems, this colorful necklace would be the perfect compliment to your neckline.

How do you liven up old shirts?