Photo Series Shows Today’s Disney Princesses Without Happily Ever Afters via Redesign Revolution — Oh man, ladies, get yourselves together! Cinderella’s hitting the bottle and Pocahontas is a crazy cat lady. Check out what else happens to these Disney princesses in real life.


Vegan Way to Cook: Chocolate Tofu Cheesecake via Healthy Way To Cook — Your Valentine’s vegan, huh? No problem! Check out these easy recipe for a yummy chocolate cake that you both can enjoy.


This Not That: Eyebrow Enhancers via Bite Size Wellness — We all know that a bad eyebrow enhancer can make you look like a total weirdo. Peruse the pros and cons to what’s on the market right now.


Thirsty Thursday: Women’s Healthy Weight Day! via Travel Freak — In the spirit of Women’s Healthy Weight Day, here are some lovely cocktail options for you that will keep the calories in check without cramping your style.

Video: Breaking Bad & The Facts of Life Mashup via Surviving College — With this new intro, this show is so very, very different. That silly old Breaking Bad!

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