The magical world of Disney has always been appealing. From the fairy tale stories to the whimsical characters themselves, there’s something about Disney that guarantees it will forever have a place in our hearts.

As we’ve grown older, we’ve looked back on the stories with nostalgia, secretly wishing that Disney would find its way into our lives again. Sure, we can always watch our favorite princesses (or villains) in the movies, but our days of playing dress up are long gone. The Disney dresses and costumes are best left for those 10 and under. Thanks to an article on Huffington Post, we’ve found outfits for us older Disney fans to enjoy. While they aren’t exactly available to purchase and wear — although we’d have to say that they’d make awesome Halloween costumes — these designer sketches are still pretty amazing.

Artist Antonova Sasha AKA Sashiiko-Anti has recently created a series of illustrations called “Disney Goes Fashion.” It features just about every iconic Disney princess and villain, modernized and decked out in runway-ready outfits that are inspired by both the original Disney stories and today’s high fashion couture.

disney princess

Just as Sashiiko notes on her gallery, these girls have shed their innocence for something much more stylish. But we don’t mind the change — we actually love how our still-strong passion for all things Disney has joined together with high fashion for an incredible childhood-meets-adulthood fusion. The only problem is that we’re a little bummed that we can’t get our hands on these designs for ourselves. Too bad the next Fashion Week couldn’t feature a Disney-inspired segment where all the models are dressed as different characters from our favorite movies. But, hey, Moschino put a spin on Spongebob, junk food, and McDonald’s in Milan this year, so who’s to say it can’t happen?

disney princessdisney princess

To see more of the “Disney Goes Fashion” sketches, check out Sashiiko-Anti’s gallery on Deviant Art.

What do you think of these Disney-inspired fashions?