Beauty Disney Manicures That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Disney Manicures That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

No one’s ever too old for the magic that is Disney! The manicures below used our favorite characters and movies to make some seriously stunning nail designs. So, indulge your inner child and scroll forth and admire these absolutely majestic Disney nail art ideas!

1. Cinderella’s Castle Nails via @bodybeautifullincoln

disney nail art

These Cinderella castle nails are bibbidi bobbidi BEAUTIFUL! Sorry, I totally had to. The tiny castle looks just like the logo we all grew up with and the glitter adds that magical touch.

2. Lady & The Tramp Nails  – via @just_alexiz

disney nails - lady and the tramp

These super detailed Disney nails are absolutely adorable. Who can forget Lady and Tramp’s famous spaghetti kiss? Awww.

3. Disney Princess Nails – via @polished_yogi

disney nails - princesses

How CUTE are these princesses? Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine all look absolutely precious in this mani. Ariel’s tiny starfish accessory and red hair is the perfect pop of color.

4. Peter Pan Nails — via @just_alexiz

disney - peter pan nails

We are obsessed with this manicure! Peter Pan is one of the most iconic Disney films and these nails with simple silhouettes and the phrase “never grow up” are perfect.

5. Monster’s Inc. Nails – @nailartbyjools

disney nails - monsters inc

These Monster’s Inc. nails are so simple yet adorable. The bright colors are so refreshing and fun!

6. Toy Story Nails – via @gormay

disney nails - toy story

These Disney nails are also super bright and fun. I love how the nail artist copied the main character’s signature outfits and incorporated the adorable little aliens!

7. 101 Dalmations Nails – via @nails_by_lin

disney nails 101 dalmation

This manicure is so elegant, simple and chic that you can hardly tell it’s based off of a Disney movie!

8. Mickey Mouse Nails – via @dideminojeleri

disney nails mickey mouse

Of course, we end our roundup with an iconic Mickey Mouse mani! Can we talk about that Mickey Mouse ears ring? SO CUTE!

Will you try out some Disney nail art?

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