Happy Birthday, Diane Kruger! You seem to be getting more and more beautiful every year.

Today, the actress and former model turns 38. (But the woman does not look a day over 25, if we do say so ourselves.) Did you know she was born in Germany and her last name is really Heidkrüger?! In 1992, the star began a successful modeling career which included posing for major designer names, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. That eventually morphed into an acting career, where Kruger was met with equal success. Over the years, she’s  landed major films, like Troy, National Treasure, and Inglorious Basterds.

We remember when Kruger married French actor/director Guillaume Canet, who she later divorced in 2006. Now, the beauty is dating Canadian-American actor Joshua Jackson. (The two could not make for a cuter couple in our opinion.) What can we expect in the near future? Kruger was recently cast in Gabriele Muccino’s film Fathers & Daughters, alongside Aaron Paul and Amanda Seyfried. (Can you say power cast?) The movie is expected to release in 2015, and we’re keeping an eye out for it.

To celebrate Kruger’s birthday, we’ve got a slideshow of the actress’s style through the years. While we might be able to spot a few fashion missteps here and there, Kruger scores an overall 10 in our book when it comes to red carpet glamour. It’s clear that the camera loves her, and we must say, we love her, too. Check out Diane Kruger’s evolution of style below.

Which of these looks from Diane Kruger is your favorite?

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