There are some nail artists out there who have transferred the work of our favorite designers onto their nails and it’s kind of the coolest thing ever. Most of these designs can be recreated, but even if you don’t plan on matching your nails to your fave designer, you have to see this seriously cool designer-inspired nail art!

1. Kate Spade Nails by @prettylittlenails_95

designer nail artKate Spade is kind of known for doing polka dots and these colors are the perfect compliment! We love how it’s loosely inspired by Kate Spade–it becomes very versatile!

2. Lilly Pulitzer Nails by @onceupon_a_nail

Designer Nails - Lilly Pulitzer

The pale colors of this design are gorgeous–there are so many fun Lilly Pulitzer prints to copy onto your nails, but this one is definitely a favorite!

3. Vera Bradley Nails by @kimbenvie7

Designer Nails - Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley’s patterns can easily be found on tons of purses, totes and wallets. Now it can be found on your nails!

4. Moschino Nails by @elissaurbanbean

Designer Nails - Moschino

This Moschino + Barbie inspired mani is incredibly girly yet also very simple. We love how the designer of this mani was able to recreate the Moschino + Barbie logo on such a small canvas!

5. Chanel Nails by @paulamierzejewska

Designer Nails - Chanel

The Chanel logo is super iconic and it looks like it’s super easy to re-create! This simple black and white mani is perfectly Chanel.

6. Michael Kors Nails from @nails_for_inspiration_

Designer Nails - Michael Kors

This simple black, brown and gold captures the Michael Kors signature logo perfectly.

7. Betsy Johnson Nails from @mcottle92

Designer Nails - Betsy Johnson

This vibrant and wild design incorporates a few of Betsy’s most popular patterns! I love the yellow and blue split nail with the leopard on top. This can easily be recreated with any color combo you’d like!

8. Marc Jacob Nails by @polishisthenewblack

Designer Nails - Marc Jacobs

These Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream-inspired nails are so pretty and fun! I didn’t think it was possible to do nails inspired by a fragrance, but Marc Jacobs’ fragrance bottles are the cutest thing ever and so is this mani.

 Which is your favorite designer-inspired nail art?


Paige DiFiore is a Journalism and Graphic Design student at Marist College. She owns enough makeup products to feed a small country (well, if they ate makeup) and she will literally drop everything just to pet a dog. When she isn't daydreaming about owning a pug and making it Instagram famous, she is ruthlessly playing board games and aspiring to someday be the goddess of a religion that's yet to be discovered.