Jewelry has always been an important element in fashion, and this season is no different. Although we love all the different metals, there is something special about finding the perfect delicate gold necklace. Because they are so thin and dainty, it’s so simple and fun to layer different ones on your neck. Or, because these necklaces make a statement on their own you can wear one solo, with no other pieces to steal its shine. They are a beautiful touch and in this case, less is definitely more. Scroll through our list of 7 amazing gold necklaces that are a must to wear all year round.

1. Opal Ball Necklace | $ 24.00

delicate gold necklace

This handmade delicate necklace is so charming and simple. This is a must buy.

2. Feather Necklace | $ 25.oo

feather necklace

We love the feather touch for fall this year. Best part, it is 14k gold.

3. Cat Necklace | $ 22.00

delicate gold cat necklace

For all our cat lovers, here is a cute way to show some kitty pride.

4. Sideways Round Pendant | $ 38.00

Sideways Round Pendant

This sideways pendant necklace is a different look that we are definitely going to try.

4. Layered Gold Necklace | $ 52.00

Layered Gold Necklace Set

We love this combination of blue hues together. Layering done RIGHT!

5. Infinity Ring Necklace | $ 29.00

Infinity Ring Necklace

This is a perfect way to wear an infinity ring without having the fear of loosing it on your fingers. Bravo Etsy!

6. Engraved Necklace | $ 74.00

Engraved Necklace

We are obsessed with this engraved necklace. It’s a great idea for a friendship necklace or a way to pair yours and your significant others initials together.

7.  Gold Bar Necklace| $35.00 +

bar delicate gold necklace

Bar necklaces are definitely on trend this season. And we love that you can personalize this one!

Which is your favorite delicate gold necklace?

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