Since the summer is in full swing, we’re giving you something to swing over your shoulder.

We are head over heels in love with tote bags this season. Right now, there are so many totes on trend, and they all have their own twist. Some are super beach-y and perfect for carrying your sunscreen and hat, while others have a luxe leather feel, making them appropriate for every day wear. That being said, all of these different styles share one thing in common: functionality. Tote bags provide a durable shape with space to fit even your lunch and laptop, making them perfect for work, too. Are you sold yet?

If you don’t already own a tote, or you’re looking for one to add to your summer wardrobe, definitely take a peek at the ones we’ve rounded up this week. At the moment, we’re seeing a ton of bright colors and nautical vibes. Check our picks out for yourself, and tell us what you think!

tote bag michael kors

1. Calvin Klein Saffiano Tote, $170.99

summer tote bags tory burch

2. Tory Burch Lydia Tote, $192.50

summer tote bags oliver bonas

3. Oliver Bonas Color Block Reversible Tote, $56.13

tote bag sak indio

4. The Sak Indio Large Tote, $140.99

summer tote bags dezso

5. Dezso Beach Wave Print Canvas Tote, $175.00

tote bag kate spade

6. Kate Spade Perforated Leather Tote, $298.00

summer tote bags club monaco

7. Club Monaco Valdez Zig Zag Bag, $230.00

Which of these tote bags is your favorite?

Sarah Olicker is a Vanderbilt University undergraduate student and self-proclaimed Netflix junkie. She loves British accents, Mexican Cuisine, and American Cinema. She has a dangerous online shopping addiction and could tell a platform heel from a stiletto long before she could recite her times tables. She's also a member of her school's A cappella group and appreciates a good #TBT.