Alright, so we all know going swimsuit shopping isn’t a girls favorite shopping exploration we take every year. It’s filled with frustration when the suits are too pricey, anger when those 600 crunches you do everyday proves to be useless in the fitting room, and sadness when a suit looks SO good in your head, but it’s a totally different story once it’s one your body. But of course there is the occasional instance when a suit that you try on actually makes you feel beautiful and sexy. We want to make every suit you try on make you feel that good. So now here are the answers to all of your questions and concerns. Find your body type, and check out the suits that were made to make you look beautiful!

Whether you’re petite, tall, or curvy, we’ve got the perfect suits for you.


petite prints


(Image Via Roxy)

Bold and graphic prints are a great idea for petite bodies. People will be drawn to the bright colors!

petite and curvy


(Image via H&M)

If you want to create visual curves, slip this suit on. Its side cutouts give the appearance that you have a curvier figure.

VS bathing suit


(Imagive Via Victorias Secret

A push-up bathing suit top is key! You will look and feel busty up top.


tall suit 1


(Image via shopbop)

White suits will naturally slim your body down. This style will give you as much coverage as you want.

tall suit 2


(Image Via asos)

The ruffles and multi-colored suit will boost your bust and curves if you’re tall and slender.

tall suit 3


(Image Via shopzinke)

High-waisted bottoms will be sure to flatter you, and if there is a bit of tummy status, the high wasited bottom will keep you feeling comfortable while you play on the beach.


curvy suit 1


(Image Via kohls)

With the high-waisted ruched bikini bottom, it will take the attention away from your tummy and focus in on your curves.



(Image via Dillards)

Ruching, ruching, ruching. That’s the key to slimming your middle and this suit has got plenty of it! Plus the gorgeous emerald color is easy on the eyes.

curvy suit 3


(Image Via Dillards

An obre colored suit will naturally elongate and slim down your body. The change in color will draw attention to the curves while making your torso look longer.