Summeris in full swing , and that means we’re wearing open-toed shoes way more often. Usually we’re happy as long as our toes look clean and well kept, but we’ve come across some serious pedicure inspiration that has us raising our standards. Our hands have been getting all of the attention with adorable DIY manicures for summer, but here’s a cute summer pedicure idea that’s a must-try

Rebekah from Goldfish Kiss has wowed us again with a ridiculously cute pedicure DIY. It looks so intricate and difficult to achieve, but this nail guru has a secret: Flash Tattoos. If you haven’t heard of ’em yet, flash tattoos are all the rage right now. Think temporary tats with a whole new look. These metallic silver and gold designs look amazing on bronzed skin at the beach, and they last 4-6 days. Rebekah calls her pedicure tutorial “Flash Tat-Toes,” because she uses the temporary tattoos to create her design.

Simply paint your toes any color you prefer, and wait for them to dry. Then, apply a flash tattoo like you would to your skin (with a damp washcloth), and then seal the look with top coat. Done. You’re toes have never looked this cute. For more nail art ideas and a full tutorial on this pedicure, check out Goldfish Kiss’s blog.

Would you try this cute summer pedicure idea?

Sarah Olicker is a Vanderbilt University undergraduate student and self-proclaimed Netflix junkie. She loves British accents, Mexican Cuisine, and American Cinema. She has a dangerous online shopping addiction and could tell a platform heel from a stiletto long before she could recite her times tables. She's also a member of her school's A cappella group and appreciates a good #TBT.