We’ve written before about new and unusual ways to integrate lemons and Vaseline into your beauty routine. Now it’s the cucumber’s time to shine. We all know that slices of cucumber make for a great addition to salads or as spa masks for our eyes when we’re feeling fancy, but don’t underestimate the powers of this vegetable! There are many other beneficial ways to use cucumbers that you’re probably unaware of. So don’t let this wonderful vegetable rot away in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator! Scroll through to learn about some new cucumber uses you can try daily!

1. Shoe Polish

new uses for cucumbers

The winter weather can be pretty brutal on our shoes, and it isn’t worth investing in an expensive shoe polishing kit. Rubbing a slice of cucumber over your shoe will help give them back their shine! Might seem weird, but it works! (Until the next rain/snowstorm wreaks havoc on our shoes again, of course…)

2. Get Bikini Body Ready — Quickly!

new uses for cucumbers

Look great in your favorite bikini at all times. Rubbing a slice of cucumber on your problem (cellulite-y) areas before heading to the pool will help reduce the visibility of cellulite. It might not be a permanent solution (if only…), but it’ll work for now.

3. Removing Dark Circles

new uses for cucumbers

There’s a reason why so many spas place cucumbers over their clients’ eyes! Rub cucumber slices over your dark circles and wash off the juice after 10 minutes. Over time, your dark circles will fade. The acids in cucumbers are also helpful with reducing puffiness!

4. Face Masks

new uses for cucumbers

If you’re feeling crafty, make your own face mask! Try any of these masks and your skin will instantly feel rejuvenated.

5. Silky Hair

cucumber uses

We tend to over-condition our hair, which can make it dry and flaky. Use cucumber juice as a hair rinse for a change and bring the shine back to your hair!

6. Get Rid of Blemishes

new uses for cucumbers

Grated cucumbers will reduce the visibility of blemishes on your face. You can also wash your face with cucumber juice to help remove any unwanted spots.

7. Control Hair 

cucumber uses

Finding strands of your loose hair everywhere? Drinking a glass of cucumber juice daily can help reduce hair fall/thinning hair.

8. Hangover Cure

cucumber uses

Look beautiful and feel refreshed even after a long night out! Eating cucumber slices before bed can help reduce the horror of hangovers by replenishing the vitamins and electrolytes that alcohol depletes from your body.

What are your favorite cucumber uses?

Devon Kelliher is a New York University student pursuing a degree in Communications and Journalism. When she isn't being a student, she's catching a concert somewhere in New York or cheering for her beloved Boston sports teams. She is also known for her tendency to quote movies/TV shows at inappropriate times.