If you’ve ever walked around NYC before, you more than likely have seen the curiously placed bikes, chained to poles and other grounded objects, completely crocheted from tire to tire. Crocheting an entire bicycle is sure sign of creative passion and dedication. The person behind it all is Brooklyn-based artist Olek, who has worked with/crafted a variety of sculptures in various locations. Her most recent endeavor being in São Paulo, Brazil. Using North Carolinian acrylic yarn with vibrant Brazilian ribbon over the course of several weeks, Olek and her colleagues were able to crochet an alligator-shaped playground. All of it. Seriously. The end result seen below, is a dope playground blanketed in her signature crochet style that even a grown up would want to play on. This project was done as part of the SESC Arts Show 2012  which is running through July 29th.

What do you all think about this project or any of her other art? Be sure to drop a comment below.

Source: This Is Colossal