In the fashion industry, when they said, “Anything goes,” do you think they expected a little girl to replicate high fashion gowns out of everyday craft supplies?

Well, you better believe it. Mommy blogger Angie and her 4-year-old daughter, nicknamed Mayhem, have recently gone viral for their one-of-a-kind designs. These fashions aren’t unique because they’re made of the finest materials and are worth over $10K. In fact, they’re the exact opposite.

Angie and Mayhem have created dozens of dresses using only supplies like construction paper, tissue paper, gift wrap and tape, resulting in the most affordable and adorable styles we’ve ever seen. They’ve pulled inspiration from just about everywhere: red carpet award shows, Project Runway, cartoons, and most recently, Mayhem’s own ideas. In a recent interview with popular blog Mommy Shorts, Angie stated that Mayhem plays a significant role in the creative and production process. While Angie probably handles the majority of the cutting and placement of pieces, Mayhem is always hands-on with tearing, taping, and gluing — anything she can do to be involved in her own start-up label.

Mayhem is also the creativity behind some of the most recent designs as she has created a few original pieces entirely on her own. She felt a great sense of pride when putting together these dresses.

Like any other great idea, Angie and Mayhem experienced some of their own impersonators who tried to pass off the concept as their own. But that hasn’t worried the duo too much as Angie stated on an Instagram post that she strongly believes in karma. She also shares with followers that Mayhem wasn’t bothered by it, either.

“I told her that someone was copying our dress ideas and pretending it’s their idea. Then I asked her what she thought about it and without looking up from her paper cutting, she replied ‘I pity the fool, Mom. I pity the fool.'” Angie wrote,  “It’s a phrase she says frequently but until today, she’s never used it in the right context.” Precious.

All of their creations are documented by Angie on her Instagram account and website. She also adds the hashtag #fashionsbymayhem in order to spread the word about their craft box wonders.

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Photos via Buzzfeed

What is your favorite of the Fashions by Mayhem?