The struggle of dark circles is real. I personally feel this struggle. I have tried everything from concealers to eye masks and nothing has ever, ever worked. If anything, I just end up with white circles around my eyes, and if anyone has ever seen that, you know, it’s not cute. That’s why we were so happy to discover this little beauty trick (thanks, BuzzFeed!), that uses a completely different approach to covering dark circles: red lipstick.

I know what you’re thinking: red lipstick, really? And yes, REALLY! Meet Deepica Mutyala a beauty vlogger/BirchBbox employee, who, no tea, no shade, has pretty significant dark circles. Mutyala found an using orangey-red lipstick has worked miracles on her eyes. Basically, all you do is take any orangey-red shade (Mutyala says it doesn’t matter what brand you use!) and dab it around your eyes using a makeup brush. You can go as heavy or light as you want, depending on your skin. Afterwards, your dark circles will be replaced with red ones, but as soon as you start doing your regular makeup routine, you’ll see how amazing this trick works.

One woman commented on Mutyala’s YouTube video saying how she was hesitant at first (who wouldn’t be?), but that it did in fact cover her dark circles. “I tested out your theory and was hesitant at first but ooh chili! that results were amazing! Like I saw how it worked good on you but I have tried everything under the sun for these dark circles but for the first time ever!Like they were legit gone! Not hidden for a few hours that they peep through but gone gone gone! I love you for sharing this amazing tip!” wrote Cynthia Del Rio.

And we love you for this, too, Deepica!

Watch the how-to video below.

Do you have dark circles?