Gone are the days of trying to enjoy a concert while fearing losing your wallet and sweating like someone who just ran a marathon! Concerts are a wonderful place, and with these concert fashion tips, you’re going to be comfortable and stylish at your next show in no time!

1. Use a crossbody bag.

You’re going to have to keep your phone, wallet, tickets and other concert essentials somewhere, right? A crossbody will allow you to dance without worrying about dropping your bag of having someone snatch it off of your arm.  This White Crossbody Bag from ASOS is perfect!

Concert Fashion - crossbody from ASOS

  This bag matches anything and the fringe is going to literally dance with you!

2. Wear closed toe shoes.

The chances of your feet getting stepped on at a concert (especially a General Admission one) are incredibly high. Prevent your pretty pedicure from getting ruined or your toes from being crushed by wearing a pair of closed toe shoes.

BONUS: My fellow short girls, don’t be afraid to try some platform shoes. You will be able to see the stage for once and platforms are much more comfortable than a wedge or heel! These Camden Flatform Lace-up shoes from Topshop are cute, platformed and closed toe!

concert fashion topshop camden flatform laceupsThese ballet slipper pink shoes are adorable, versatile and under $50!

 3. Wear something sleeveless.

Most venues filled with hundreds or dozens of tightly packed people who are dancing will probably get pretty hot. Sweat stains are not a fashion statement and so sleeveless shirts are your concert hero. Tank tops are definitely a concert staple for anyone who cannot stand the heat. Plus, if you buy a concert T-shirt it can easily fit over your tank top!


This plain grey tank from LuLu’s is perfect for any outfit.

4. Bring hair ties.

Remember how I said concerts get hot and sweaty? Bring a few hair ties and thank yourself later. Plus, cute hair ties can easily become a fashion accessory. Have you seen these adorable Printed Hair Ties from Forever21?

concert fashion tips hair ties forever 21

With these concert fashion tips, you’ll be ready to look flawless in your concert selfies and dance to your favorite songs in no time!

What is your go-to concert fashion look?

Paige DiFiore is a Journalism and Graphic Design student at Marist College. She owns enough makeup products to feed a small country (well, if they ate makeup) and she will literally drop everything just to pet a dog. When she isn't daydreaming about owning a pug and making it Instagram famous, she is ruthlessly playing board games and aspiring to someday be the goddess of a religion that's yet to be discovered.