5 Life Lessons College Students Can Learn From Nelson Mandela via Surviving College — Nelson Mandela had it right. In memory of the man who dedicated his life to advocating for peace, here are 5 things we can learn from him.


Top 5 Holiday Beauty Mistakes to Avoid via Bite Size Wellness — Don’t miss these beauty tips for the holidays before you make a fool of yourself!


Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Amazing Finds in Modern Furniture via Redesign Revolution — If you live in small spaces (as most of us NYC people do), you’ll obsess over these awesome modern furniture pieces.

john lennon

We Remember: John Lennon via Travel Freak — One of the world’s biggest icons was shot 33 years ago Sunday. Here are the best mementos dedicated to John Lennon’s life.

chia seeds flax

Benefits of Chia and Flax Seeds via Healthy Way To Cook — Everyone’s heard that chia and flax seeds are good for you, but do you know why? Here’s a breakdown of what these little guys do for you.

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