Victoria Beckham and Shoes

Victoria Beckham Wants to Design Shoes Next, Plus Menswear via Fashionista- Is there anything Victoria Beckham can’t do? I swear, this do-it-all English woman has been making moves ever since her Posh-Spice Days. On Monday, she stopped by the Parsons’s John L. Tishman Auditorium and announced her desire to step into the big wide world of shoe design…and maybe even menswear too.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Dies at 85 via USA Today – My heart got the sads when I read this on my homepage this morning. Shirley Temple will always be the epitome of childhood innocence for me, no matter what she did in her adult life. This article briefly outlines some of the things the child star got into after she matured into a real human, such as politics! Which I found bananas. Regardless, I will continue to remember the big innocent eyes of Shirley Temple in the fondest of ways as I splash vodka into her namesake drink.

Bad Beauty Habits

Bad Beauty Habits to STOP Right Now via Refinery 29 – Are you touching your face right now? Don’t lie to me! I know you are. Stop it right now, you’re spreading gross bacteria all over your beautiful face. Click through this handy little slideshow to educate yourself on what not to do to stay beautiful.

The Beatles

Private Icon: Beatlemania via Nylon– Everybody likes the Beatles! Their music is (IS not was) revolutionary and the boys themselves changed the face of the music scene for the better. Yeah they have weird teeth and questionable hair, but that doesn’t stop them from being style icons. This slideshow from Nylon features everything from the sunglasses to the socks that you’ll need to hone your inner Beatle.

Refrigerating your Cosmetics

What You Need to Know About Refrigerating Your Cosmetics  via Huffington Post– I have never once thought about refrigerating my cosmetics…mainly because I’d probably end up squirting mustard onto my face instead of moisturizer. However, if you’re interested, this article outlines the pros and cons of storing your lotions and creams in the fridge.

 Which links did you love today?