Game of Thrones

The “Game of Thrones” Cast Covers Vanity Fair via Fashion Gone Rogue – And the “Game of Thrones” obsession continues. Vanity Fair’s April 2014 issue will feature the cast on their cover in full character, which will be an awesome change from the ordinary.

Girl Scout Cookie Diet

The 72-Hour Girl Scout Diet via Buzzfeed – Thin mints, Samoas, Trefoils…those are just a few varieties of Girl Scout Cookies that we all know and love. But…what if you had to consume a girl scout cookie with each and every bite of normal food that you put into your mouth? Would you still love them then?


Ines de la Fressange Takes on Uniqlo via Telgraph – French model, aristocrat, and fashion designer Ines de la Fressange has created her own collection for the popular store, Uniqlo. It goes live online on March 20th so make sure you check it out!

Target photoshop

Is this Target Model for Real? via Blogilates – Clothing models are incredibly photoshopped, we know this already. But usually, it is not painfully obvious where or how the digital editing took place. This is unfortunately not the case with this Target bathing suit model and the unnecessary thigh gap.


The 5 Motives Behind Online Trip Reviews via Travel Freak – I’ll admit it: I’m a review junkie. I look up the reviews for every establishment before I set so much as one foot inside the door and this holds true when I’m booking my vacations, too. I’ve never really thought about who writes the reviews, though. This article helped put things into perspective.

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