spanx booty bra

Spanx created the Booty Bra via Refinery 29 — Spanx has designed the first bra for your butt. That’s right, a bra. It looks like the original Spanx shorts except these have padding for your backside that will give you that “Brazilian butt lift” you’ve always wanted. Not sure how we feel about this…
models falling
A compilation of Vines featuring falling models via Huffington Post — If you think the models of Fashion Week are perfect creatures that can’t possibly be human, think again. Thanks to Cosmo, we have a hilarious video montage featuring the best Vines of models falling on the runway.

nylon nanette lepore

Nanette Lepore beauty how-to via Nylon Mag — Do you love all the beauty styles from Nanette Lepore? With the easy how-to guide, you can achieve the same looks, including the waterfall braided bangs!

kendall jenner w magazine

Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus get racy for W Magazine via Huffington Post — It’s not much of a surprise that Miley is posing seductively for W Magazine, but Kendall? It’s like she had her Sweet Sixteen last month.

shia labeouf i am sorry

Shia LeBeouf’s #IAMSORRY performance art project via TIME — Shia LeBeouf has an art exhibition located at the Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles. It’s a project that is ultimately a reaction to the criticism he’s received from his erratic behavior and plagiarism as an actor. Is this weird or an eye opening project?

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