spanx booty bra

Spanx created the Booty Bra via Refinery 29 — Spanx has designed the first bra for your butt. That’s right, a bra. It looks like the original┬áSpanx shorts except these have padding for your backside that will give you that “Brazilian butt lift” you’ve always wanted. Not sure how we feel about this…
models falling
A compilation of Vines featuring falling models via Huffington Post — If you think the models of Fashion Week are perfect creatures that can’t possibly be human, think again. Thanks to Cosmo, we have a hilarious video montage featuring the best Vines of models falling on the runway.

nylon nanette lepore

Nanette Lepore beauty how-to via Nylon Mag — Do you love all the beauty styles from Nanette Lepore? With the easy how-to guide, you can achieve the same looks, including the waterfall braided bangs!

kendall jenner w magazine

Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus get racy for W Magazine via Huffington Post — It’s not much of a surprise that Miley is posing seductively for W Magazine, but Kendall? It’s like she had her Sweet Sixteen last month.

shia labeouf i am sorry

Shia LeBeouf’s #IAMSORRY performance art project via TIME — Shia LeBeouf has an art exhibition located at the Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles. It’s a project that is ultimately a reaction to the criticism he’s received from his erratic behavior and plagiarism as an actor. Is this weird or an eye opening project?

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