peanut butter

5 Places to Try for Peanut Butter Lovers Day, March 1st– via Travel Freak

The world’s favorite comfort food apparently has a day devoted to its deliciousness! If you’re planning on celebrating my new favorite holiday, make sure you check out these local hotspots near you for some of your favorite peanut butter snacks, sandwiches and any other yummy PB concoctions that people come up with these days!

queen elsa you dont need a man

Disney Princesses Learn Life Lessons From Queen Elsa– via Surviving College

In this hilarious video made by the brothers of AVByte, the same two that created the viral video “Facebook: The Musical”, played off of Frozen’s popularity and finally posed the question to the other Disney princesses that we’ve all been begging to ask: Do you realize what you gave up for your man? This is an epic video, proving that women no longer need to be defined by men! Hallelujah.

strawberry recipes

10 Scrumptious Strawberry Recipes– via Healthy Way To Cook

There are very few things on earth that taste as sweet and amazing as a strawberry. Filled with antioxidants, this yummy fruit has plenty of health benefits that make it even more perfect to use when you’re trying to sweeten-up your meal. Check out these 10 healthy and of course delicious strawberry recipes.

juice cleanses

3 Tasty Juice Cleanse Programs– via Bite Size Wellness

To cleanse or not to cleanse, that is the question. While the cleanse itself is not the easiest task you’ll be completing in your life, it will give you healthier looking skin, more flowy hair, and will help you shed some of those pounds from your winter hibernation. Check this article out and decide which cleanse program is best for you and your body.

handmade glass marbles

Mike Gong Creates Trippy Glass Marbles in ‘Acid Eaters’ Series– via Redesign Revolution

Marbles have always been trippy little spheres, but artist Mike Gong takes trippy to the next level in his marble series “Acid Eaters.” The incredibly detailed marbles will leave you feeling like someone slipped something in your drink as you trip trying to understand how a person could make such perfection within these smooth bits of glass. True entertainment, definitely a must see.

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