Four Non-Skiing Related Activities in Tahoe┬ávia Travel Freak – Skiing not your thing? Don’t worry, it’s not mine either. I’m not even coordinated enough to walk down my stairs, let alone ski down a steep slope. However, if you find yourself dragged out to a mountain with your friends or family, there are activities for you to do that involve sticking wooden plants on your feet and plunging down a hill.


Urban Schools vs. Rural Schools: What’s Your Best Fit via Surviving College – Choosing which college to attend is by no means an easy process. I half-assed it myself and ended up transferring schools midway through my sophomore year. Do your best to avoid the hassle and figure out early where you fit in the best. This article can help you figure out what environment you’ll thrive best in.

pitch perfect

Dinner & Movie: 3 Recipes Inspired by Pitch Perfect via Bite Size Wellness – I have seen Pitch Perfect more times than I’m proud to admit; my sister and I have A Cappella battles at least twice a week. We’re going to continue to that but I shall now supplement them with these pitch perfect recipes.


Uncommon Ingredients: How to Cook with Buttermilk via Healthy Way To Cook – Buttermilk is a staple in my fridge and I use it for everything from baking bread to marinating chicken. If you’re unfamiliar with the sour milk, this article provides you with three simple recipes to introduce you to the wonders of buttermilk.


Upcycle This! 5 Oatmeal Container Storage Solutions via Redesign Revolution – Wow, these are some clever uses for a typical container of oatmeal. I’m the worst, I usually just throw mine out because I’m not creative and I’m also super lazy. I’m going to make one of these when I finish off my current tub of oats, for sure!

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