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In Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson Defends Wes Anderson (Via Slate.com)

The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Director Wes Anderson seems to be taking on the heat for his new movie that was released today in theaters.  Anderson is being criticized to sticking to his comfort zone of “fastidiously arranged dollhouse worlds populated by the same ensemble of actors who deliver droll dialogue in films suffused with nostalgia.” Ouch. Seems like critics were hoping for something new from the celebrated director. This article does contain spoilers about the movie, so if you’re planning on seeing this film, save this post for afterwards!


nicole richie purple hair

Nicole Richie Dyed Her Hair Purple—For Real This Time (Via Byrdie)

The girl actually did it. She died her hair lavender. She’s been teasing twitter and instagram followers that she was going to make this drastic change for weeks now, but she took the leap-for real this time and made a very bold fashion statement. She debuted the look at an Oscar party and so far people seem to be loving her new look!


sephora nail polishes

Sephora Is Releasing Adorable One-Time Use Nail Polishes (Via Fashionista)

I cannot think of anything more perfect. Sephora just announced the upcoming launch of a new collection of single-time use nail polishes. Available in 24 shades, the collection will be sold as a $39 set at Sephora stores and online beginning early May. I mean we all know that once you buy a bottle of nail polish, you use it and afterwards you either lose it, or end up hating the color. So this is an absolutely perfect idea.


This Instant Date Prank Will Make Your Day (Via Surviving College)

A prank done by the YouTube sensation Stuart Edge, this is hands down one of the most creative things I’ve seen in a very long time. Imagine you’re walking the beach in Santa Monica, California minding your own business and all the sudden, someone tells you to push a little red button, and then all the sudden, you blink your eyes and you find yourself seated at a romantic dinner date for two, in less then 2 seconds. Just like that. BAM. It’s an instant dinner date! Talk about speed dating…

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Is All Smiles Before Reality Show Premiere (Via E News)

Lindsay Lohan has been spotted in Soho before her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon looking refreshed and healthy. We’re excited that LiLo is willing to open up to the public about her life and journey to sobriety in her new OWN docu-series. We’re so happy to see this girl getting her life back, we knew she would.

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