Jennifer Lawrence gets unnecessarily Photoshopped for Flare via Huffington Post — Really? I mean, why? And for someone who is so outspoken about misconstrued perceptions of attainable beauty, Flare airbrushed the wrong girl.

SNL makes a rap song about H&M via Huffington Post — Yes and yes. Spot on.


Urban Outfitters offends Hindu community with Ganesh socks via Huffington Post — We’re no experts, but we’re pretty sure deities weren’t supposed to be worn on your feet.


Is Cate Blanchett Vogue‘s favorite model? via Huffington Post — I mean, what do we care? All we know is that she looks inexplicably more amazing on the January 2014 cover than on July 2000. Keep at it, Cate!


The Birkin bag is no longer the “It” bag via Who What Wear — People don’t really care about Birkin anymore. It’s just kind of “meh” now. Check out Kenzo and Givenchy instead!

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