stocking jeans

First there were jeggings and now there are…jockings? via Refinery 29

We are still not quite on board with the whole jeggings idea, and now they are making stocking jeans? We are going to pass on these as well, especially since they are almost $250 a pop, but hey, you do you.


Dear Jared Leto, please tell us your hair secrets via Bella Sugar

It is no doubt that Jared Leto has the most enviable locks in Hollywood right now. Luckily his stylist dishes on why he has the sexist hair since Shawn Hunter on Boy Meets World.


Goodbye fashion month, see you soon via NY Mag

Paris Fashion Week is over, which means Fall/Winter 2014 fashion month has comes to a close. We miss you already, runway shows. Here is a nice recap of some of the best bits of the month.


Anna Kendrick wrote an Oscars weekend diary for Vogue via Vogue

Anna Kendrick is the OG JLaw when it comes to being down to earth, real and hilarious. So of course we were thrilled to see that Vogue asked her to keep an Oscars weekend diary. And just as we thought, it is hilarious.


Cara Delevingne is going to be on TV, because she doesn’t do enough via Telegraph UK

Okay. We love Cara Delevingne. A lot. But does this girl ever sleep? How does she keep her eyebrows looking so fabulous with such a busy schedule? The powerhouse just announced a handbag collab with Mulberry and now she is making her television debut. Hey, we will take it.

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