This Not That: Shampoos For Dry and Damaged Hair via Bite Size Wellness — We all know how brutal these winter winds can be for our hair, but make sure you’re getting the right shampoo to replenish your locks!


Movie Friday: Reliving Vintage Disney in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ via Redesign Revolution — Check out how these beautiful sketches were translated into the costume design of Saving Mr. Banks.

Which Alcohol Gives You the Worst Hangover? via Surviving College — No matter beer and liquor are such a bad combo. Duly noted!


Foreign Film Friday: The Golden Globe Awards via Travel Freak — The American films are hogging all of the Golden Globes spotlight! We’ve got some good contenders in the foreign film arena.


Daily Recipe Inspiration: Winter Salad via Healthy Way To Cook — Who says you should only eat hot foods during the winter? This winter salad will get your taste buds going.

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