By the end of the day, our levels of caffeination are lower than they ought to be, and we’re reduced to a Pinterest-trawling, internet-surfing shell of our former selves. Here are a few of our favorite links from today!


These Disney Villains-Inspired Shoes Are ‘Wicked’ via Taxi – From Kobi Levi comes this trio of shoes inspired by classic Disney villains. While we can’t say we find the shoes aesthetically pleasing, we’lll give some props for creativity.


Ice Cream Brand Introduces Flavors Based on Zelda Fitzgerald via Gothamist – Gastby fever continues unchecked and now artisanal ice cream brand Jeni’s has introduced four flavors inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s troubled wife. “From her free spirit arises the Zelda Collection, a super-limited-edition set of ice creams made with top-shelf ingredients from around the world and homegrown attention to details.” They’ve already sold out.


Introducing NOE Undergarments via The Lingerie Lesbian – We first heard of NOE lingerie some time ago, but these stunning promo shots from the Laguna Beach-based brand have piqued our interest even further.


Met Ball Beauty Trends via Beauty Banter – Braids! Dark lips! Liner!