The highly anticipated festival season is here, but is everyone ready to see what Coachella has in store for us this year?

For starters, we know that Coachella is not just a music event, but it’s also a state of mind. So, maybe that explains why everyone gets so caught up on what they’re going to wear to the festival? We know it’s important to look presentable and stressing over an outfit isn’t anything new, but Coachella has practically become a fashion event on top of all other things. The fashion industry has actually been able to manipulate the event into a marketing outlet — or is this our doing? Either way, it’s apparent. Especially with this year’s events and all those that expect to attend.

coachella 2014

Coachella 2014 has an awesome lineup with artists like MGMT, Kid Cudi, Lorde, Lana Del Ray, Disclosure, and more. But did you know it’s also going to be featuring top artists of the fashion industry? We can expect to see Lacoste, H&M, Teva, Adidas Originals, Guess, Opening Ceremony, and Old Navy, as labels of the 2014 festival. Better yet, there will be some top-notch parties thrown by some of the biggest names in the industry, like Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, Filter, and Flaunt and Details.

The brands are hoping to catch everyone in their festival fashions and create their own Coachella content, which will likely be an interesting read for those who want to reflect on the most exciting weekend of the year and for those who weren’t lucky enough to snag a ticket to the sold-out event. You feel awesome getting photographed like you’re some kind of super-hot celebrity, the magazines get content on a trending topic, and everyone continues to buy into the whole Coachella biz.

coachella 2014

However, the newest addition to this year’s Coachella events takes a step even further into the fashion realm. Sephora will be at the festival, not only as an exclusive beauty sponsor, but to also host a beauty studio. Yep. A 40-foot-square tent right on the grounds of Coachella. What can you do in this “beauty studio,” you ask? Anything that a festival diva may need, of course. Attendees can escape the heat, charge their phones, and check out the assortment of beauty products from the Sephora collection. Inside the tent, there will be nine beauty stations complete with a Sephora Pro and Sephora Collection artists. Here, guests and musical performers can fix their makeup or “refresh” between performances. Bonus points to Sephora for the digital photo booth and all the social media connectivity that’ll also take place inside the beauty studio. Ya know, just in case you get bored at Coachella.

While all of this fashion-meets-Coachella stuff is pretty exciting, let’s try to stay close to the whole music vibe, okay? Coachella is a state of mind, guys, just chill.

coachella 2014

Are you going to Coachella 2014?

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