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They call it “the cure for fashion envy” but I call it pure genius. Here’s how it works. You can crowd source your shopping quest to find a specific item or a look for less. All you do is upload a picture of the product you’re looking for and The Hunt community will find it. I will warn you though, this app is extremely addicting. One minute you’re logging onto the app looking for a pair of combat boots and next thing you know, 45 minutes has passed. There goes studying for that exam. Rated #1 Best New Lifestyle App by Apple, this app will captivate you no doubt.

Before The Hunt became an app, it started out as a startup website that became hugely successful. Since its launch in January 2013, the site has allowed users to post “hunts,” or pictures of unidentified clothing items from Tumblr, Pinterest, or the like that they want to track down and own for themselves. Community members then jump in to either identify the exact product or to provide suggestions for similar ones. Unlike sites that trade in inspirational photos-the tumblrs, pinterests of the world, The Hunt’s aim is to serve those people who want to act on that inspiration that they see on their favorite sites and apps. Currently, users are joining 200,000 hunts each week. The startup really seems to be picking up steam and taking off. This is twice the number they were seeing two months ago.

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With the iPhone app, The Hunt is focusing on being mobile optimized. CEO Tim Weingarten said that at this point, mobile accounts for 50% of traffic, with 85% of that coming from smartphones. “What happens is that you see someone on the street and take a picture of their jacket, you’re browsing Instagram and take a screen cap. That’s the key experience…you add products as you’re out and about.”

Especially when you’re in cities and find someone wearing an outfit that’s totally different and cool, snap a pic of the outfit like here and you have a pretty good chance of being able to find the pieces of clothing online with the help of  “the hunt” community. Even if you’re skeptical of the app, download it and give it a shot! I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To get more information on the app, be sure to check it out in the app store.

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