If you’ve been looking for something to organize your fashion life, then we have amazing news for you. Get ready to start planning outfits like a pro.

The app is called Closet+ and to sum it up for you, it’s a dream come true. It allows you to access your closet on the go so you can see exactly what you own without racking your brain. You can import your clothing through the app’s bulk-import feature and organize it into different categories or subcategories, group them as outfits, and mark them as favorites. Not only can you color-code items, but you can tag if something is in need of any work such as mending, altering, or dry cleaning.

closet+ on iphone

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Coordinating outfits is easier than ever when you have every item in your closet at the tip of your fingers. No more standing around, pulling out different hangers, and laying them on your bed to see “what looks good with what” — with Closet+, there’s no more mess. You can rummage through literally everything you own without having to clean up afterwards.

Have a big event coming up, but you don’t want to be rushing at the last minute to figure out what you’re going to wear? Closet+ allows you to plan your outfits ahead of time with the calendar feature. You can also prepare a packing list for an upcoming trip, saving you time and stress from doing it the night before your flight takes off.

closet+ packing list

Closet+ will keep track of what you wore, when and where you wore it, and how many times — a plus for those of us who tend to repeat our favorite outfits just a little too often. If you’re conscious about the money you spend on your wardrobe, the app also gives you the option to fill in how much each item cost and will give you an average cost-per-wear.

If all this organization still can’t keep you on top of everything you own, you have the option to create multiple closets so you have a better handle on everything. This is the ideal feature for fashion stylists, people who live in more than one area, or for those who want to break their wardrobe down even further into seasons or styles.

This app is perfect for saving you some of the stress found in getting ready and packing, which is something we know could benefit every one of us. On top of that, we’ve found that Closet+ comes in handy when it’s time to do some spring cleaning and you’re having a hard time deciding just which pieces you need to let go of. (Tip: If you haven’t marked it as a favorite, it’s only been worn once, and hasn’t been worn in the last three months, then maybe it’s time to say goodbye.)

Closet+ is a neatly designed app with functionality that serves as the ultimate style assistant you’ve always hoped for. After all, haven’t you been envious of Cher’s virtual closet from Clueless?

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– Share your style with friends using Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail in order to prevent accidental matching.

– Simple layout to clearly see what goes well together.

– Built-in backup and restore tools to keep data safe if something goes wrong with your iPhone.


– It’s a little tedious to add everything you own into your closet.

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Will you be downloading Closet+?