If you’ve always wanted to dress like a celebrity, all you need to do is shop at Clashist. Never heard of it? Well, you’re definitely missing out. Literally every celebrity, well, every celebrity that matters, is obsessed with this brand from Los Angeles, California.

We’re talking Mindy Kaling, Kim Kardasian, James Franco and even Miley Cyrus are fans of these quirky designs that feature collages of celebrities, television characters and other pop-culture references. We personally love the socks that are covered in little photos of Ryan Gosling’s face, but hey, what girl wouldn’t?

The Clashist sells everything from sweatshirts and leggings to totes and baby clothing. The prices are pretty reasonable, with goods ranging from $14.50 to $130, giving us yet another excuse to buy everything that Kaling wears.

The brand was created in 2013 by Heather Lipner who wanted to pay homage to every 90’s obsessed person in the world. “I wanted to capture nostalgia that forms from the carefree teenage, rock ‘n’ roll, anything-goes attitude. It’s that sort of  ‘cool as ice, I am change, I am a dream’ type of culture,” she told The Frisky.

And just take a look at the 90’s Johnny Depp socks on the website, does it get anymore rock ‘n’ roll than this? We think not. Scroll through to see some of your favorite celebs wearing Clashist, and be sure to head over to Clashist for more information.

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Will you pick something up from Clashist?