There’s been an image of legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford floating around the Interwebs that is supposedly an “untouched” photo of the 49-year-old. This particular image made headlines because it shows Crawford with wrinkles, a little belly and, gasp, cellulite.

When we first saw the image, we were half happy, half upset. We were happy because we saw a model that kind of looked her age, and then we were upset because, in reality, even with the wrinkles, belly and cellulite, Crawford looked freaking gorgeous.

cindy crawford untouched photo

But, as the Universe would have it, the photo is actually fake, and Crawford is actually a Greek goddess. According to ABC, celebrity photographer John Russo, who shot the image for Marie Claire Mexico’s December issue, says someone altered the photo to look the way it does. “It has been falsely claimed that this photograph represents an un-retouched image of Cindy Crawford. This is not true,” Russo’s statement said. “It is a fraudulent altered version of my photograph. I am grateful that this fact has been brought to the public’s attention and that corrections are being run in the media.”

To add insult to injury, Crawford’s hunky husband, Rande Gerber, took to social media on Valentine’s Day to post a photo of his wife in a bikini. Needless to say, there was not a bump or lump on Crawford.

cindy crawford untouched photo

But what we find REALLY interesting is, that when the altered photo first appeared, everyone was praising Crawford for her real body. However, now that we know it’s fake, people are calling the image “less than flattering.”

Let us say this: If we look like the altered photo of Crawford when we’re 49 years old, we will be happy, very happy.

What do you think of these Cindy Crawford photos?