We’ve listed Chiara Ferragni on Haute Talk before as one of the best fashion blogs to follow on Instagram. The Italian beauty has not only  established herself as a distinguished fashion blogger, but as a particularly savvy business woman. Besides being the founder of fashion blog “The Blonde Salad,” Ferragni is also the Creative Director for Caia Jewels and Chiara Ferragni Shoes. She’s paired up with designer Steve Madden in the past for a special collection of “The Blonde Salad” shoes as well. Most recently, she created a limited edition Chiara Ferragni Collection slipper for her trip to the Level Shoe District in the Dubai Mall. They were featured in gold and black, both coated entirely with glitter. The gold pair featured hot pink lips and lipstick designs, and the black featured a pair of winking eyes. She appeared last week at an event to sign the shoes for fans who attended. Take a peek at the cuteness: Ferragni has not just seen as a mere fashion blogger, but is truly considered a key player in the fashion industry. Last week she was featured as a cover girl for Italian weekly fashion magazine Grazia. The week prior, magazine Madame Figaro Paris featured the fashionista in its pages. She constantly posts photos of her international travels on Instagram and on her blog, making it possible for her followers to always be where she is. Ferragni travels to nearly every well-known celebrity hot-spot event possible, including Coachella, Cannes Film Festival, nearly every fashion week, and several highly anticipated runway shows. This gal knows her stuff, which is why we will always be turning to her blog for fashion tips and advice. Plus, it’s not like the travel photos aren’t crazy awesome to look at either. Photos via Instagram.com.