Apparently $100 for workout pants at Victoria’s Secret or LuluLemon is not quite expensive enough for those who seek the absolute finest things in life.

According to Bloomberg News, some designers are catering to fitness folks who have deep pockets for athletic apparel. Take for instance designer Charli Cohen, who recently released performance-luxe pieces that cost around $200-$350. Yep, you read that correctly.

Although she is a designer, Cohen does have some expertise on fitness apparel. According to an interview with Faschercise, Cohen’s work as a personal trainer helps her to understand the movements of the body and helps her create workout apparel that provides for the best possible performance while also being extremely flattering.

charli cohen yoga pants

Other designers, such as Lucas Hugh, have leggings that will cost you nearly $400. With the price tag on these babies, one might think that they have some magical superpower such as: Giving you your dream body or somehow forcing you to get off of the couch and go for a jog.

They might not do that, but the price could be your fitness motivation! Next time you feel like a Netflix binge is in order, you will remember the Benjamins you dropped on workout clothes and opt to show them off at the gym. Or you can just wear them while you scroll on Tumblr and eat ice cream. Whatever works for you.

Would you spend $400 on pants from Charli Cohen?

Paige DiFiore is a Journalism and Graphic Design student at Marist College. She owns enough makeup products to feed a small country (well, if they ate makeup) and she will literally drop everything just to pet a dog. When she isn't daydreaming about owning a pug and making it Instagram famous, she is ruthlessly playing board games and aspiring to someday be the goddess of a religion that's yet to be discovered.