Chanel Iman was at the very top of her game a few years back. Walking down runways and landing every ¬†designer advertising gig possible, there was nothing this girl couldn’t do. Peaked career years don’t last forever, though that is not to say that a recognizable face is not welcome. In next month’s Vogue Australia, Iman makes a cheerful reappearance in Tropical Print Mix looks, looking like a top contender in these powerful stances. With a matured presence and a new man on her side (ahem, A$AP ROCKY) it looks like the femme fatale’s got the world in the palm of her hand.

It’s not only Chanel’s knockout looks that has grabbed our attention but those colorful combinations as well. It seems like winter has only just begun and has been merciless to us. That Polar Vortex? We’ll be having nightmares about the frigid temperatures for years to come, but that doesn’t mean we can’t daydream of warmer climates.

With these florals, fruits, and palm prints, there is no doubt that we’ll be getting our dose of tropical punch that lies ahead. However, not only does this shoot get us excited about nice weather but for all the outfit possibilities up ahead. It will be nice to get rid of that stiff wool coat in exchange for some satin, lace, and light cottons. Chanel Iman brings us positive energy into the future seasons. What’s not to love?

The shoot was photographed by Pierre Toussaint and styled by Nicole Bonython-Hines.








Photos via Who What Wear

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