luxe for less miley cyrus

Luxe For Less: Turn 21 in Style With Miley Cyrus

Did  you know that it was Miley Cyrus' 21st birthday on November 23rd? Sure, the Pop songstress seems to be slightly infamous for her twerking and provocative clothing, but we've got to admit: she's...
urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters’ ‘True Romance’ Look Book Is Everything

What we really mean to say is that we want everything.
kate upton vogue

Kate Upton’s Biggest Fight Will Surprise You

The starlet opens up to British Vogue for the magazine's June issue.
angela simmons

WOWZA: Angela Simmons Is All Grown Up

We imagine Rev. Run has something to say about this...
president obama style

President Obama’s Coolest Looks

We wouldn't call him a fashionisto, but at least he tries!
michelle obama

Michelle Obama Makes Everyone Green With Envy

If this is any indication of how good the 2014 Met Gala will be, we can't wait.
drew barrymore redbook

Drew Barrymore Say Nobody Gets To Have It All

But for some reason, we really think she does.
Borgezie Riviera stilettos

These Steel-ettos Will Last You A Thousand Years

They are also reportedly the most comfortable shoes in the world.
dylan penn

Sean Penn Must Be REALLY Proud

This is huge news for his model daughter.


rebecca swift makeup artist

OMG: Makeup Artist Transform Into EVERY Celebrity

If you need another reminder of the power of makeup, just take a look about makeup artist and musician Rebecca Swift. Swift has started a challenge, where...