eye shadow palette

10 Eye Shadow Palettes That Will Change Your Life

Eye shadow is fantastic I mean, I own enough eye shadow to give half of the New York population a fantastic smoky eye and I don't think that's a problem. Everyone needs a go-to palette that is...

Trend Alert! Is Strobing The New Way To Contour Your Face?

Have you ever tried to contour and ended up looking more like a hot mess rather than a chiseled goddess? Have you tried to bring out your cheekbones but ended up bringing out your inner frustrated...
tyra banks natural no makeup instagram

WHOA: Tyra Banks Goes Seriously Au Naturale

Tyra Banks is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she's also one of the realest. The supermodel has never backed down from critics, and is never afraid to show off...
diy summer manicures

8 Gorgeous DIY Summer Manicures

With DIY summer manicures like these, you won't even need to accessorize! Nails are a built-in accessory and these looks will add a perfect pop of color to your swimsuit and favorite summer dresses. Here's...
nail art obessession

10 Things Only Girls Who Love Nail Art Will Understand

It's really no secret that here at HauteTalk, we're pretty obsessed with nail art. While some people don't see the value in taking hours to decorate your fingernails in painstaking detail, we're ALL about...

8 Weird Places Where You NEED To Apply Sunscreen

Your mom, your grandparents, your doctor, and pretty much every other adult in your life all told you it growing up: Do not forget to wear sunscreen. And while this message might have been annoying...
obsessed with makeup

10 Things Only Girls Obsessed With Makeup Will Understand

"Okay, I'm only here to buy one or two things...."
kylie jenner lips fake

Kylie Jenner Comes Clean About Her Lips

Hold the phones, Kylie Jenner has officially admitted that those luscious lips of hers are in fact FAKE. In a preview clip of this week's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we see Jenner freak out...
elizabeth moss photoshop videos

INSANE: Video Shows Just How Much Models Are Photoshopped

We all know that photoshop is used for nearly every photo shoot. Whether the model is posing in magazine or for an advertisement, chances are he or she has been retouched. Usually, we see...
quick beauty tips

Quick Beauty Tips That Will Change Your Life

Modern woman are busy women, and masters at multi-tasking. Staying fresh throughout a busy schedule needs to be something that doesn’t break your stride. Here are a few quick beauty tips to make this...


rebecca swift makeup artist

OMG: Makeup Artist Transform Into EVERY Celebrity

If you need another reminder of the power of makeup, just take a look about makeup artist and musician Rebecca Swift. Swift has started a challenge, where...