lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Does Something Shocking With Terry Richardson

Miley wasn't even able to pull this off, ya know?

Per Pantone, Emerald is the 2013 Color of the Year!

Good news. After a heady fall of being incredibly on-trend, emerald green is finally getting some more official recognition. Yes, the Pantone Color Institute have named the jewel-tone 2013 Color of the Year. According to the...

Ladies of London Recap: Tawdry For The Tabloids

Find out what happened when they got together for a pahhhty.
angela simmons

WOWZA: Angela Simmons Is All Grown Up

We imagine Rev. Run has something to say about this...
president obama style

President Obama’s Coolest Looks

We wouldn't call him a fashionisto, but at least he tries!
michelle obama

Michelle Obama Makes Everyone Green With Envy

If this is any indication of how good the 2014 Met Gala will be, we can't wait.

Fashion and Beauty Advice from RuPaul

When most people think of cutting edge fashion icons, drag queens probably aren't the first people who come to mind. But "ladyboys" and "T-girls" are more than just men parading around in wigs and...
Million Dollar Shoppers Season 1 Episode 2 - Amy Salinger (1)

Recap: Million Dollar Shoppers Season 1 Episode 5 – This Isn’t Brain Surgery, It’s...

Barbet is off to the Hamptons to track down her new client, Devorah Rose. Devorah is the editor-in-chief of a fake magazine about the Hamptons, which means her husband is rich and lets her...
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s Shocking Reveal

We recap last night's extremely intense series finale.
mother's day gifts

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Guys, you only have a few days left to shop.
mad men recap

‘Mad Men’ Recap: Is Don Draper Losing His Cool?

What are you doing, Donald? You're better than this.
mad men

‘Mad Men’ Recap: What’s Happening, Peggy?

We'd also like to know what's up with you, Don.
royal albert

Miranda Kerr’s Unusual Career Move

Is there anything this girl can't do?

Recap: Lindsay, Episode 4

Where is she? Dina! Dina! Get ready for your close-up! Dina’s body is very, very orange, and she must have pissed off the make-up artist something fierce because her face is a totally different...

Recap: Lindsay Lohan ‘Had Some Wine’

Oprah is totally not going to be happy at about this one.


rebecca swift makeup artist

OMG: Makeup Artist Transform Into EVERY Celebrity

If you need another reminder of the power of makeup, just take a look about makeup artist and musician Rebecca Swift. Swift has started a challenge, where...