Looks like this top model is in the middle of a PR nightmare. Where’s Olivia Pope? Grazia Daily is reporting that H&M is distancing itself from Cara Delevingne, a model who has walked in their first runway show and fronted a recent campaign.

Being the latest It Girl who seems to be on the top of the world, what could be the reasoning behind this? The decision came after a photo of Delevingne surfaced last month showing the model dropping a white plastic packet of powder (allegedly cocaine) in front of her house. Naturally, having such a high profile, paparazzi were quick to snap it and send it out into the media. Unluckily for Cara, H&M is not so quick to turn a blind eye. The company is known for its uber-strict policy on drugs. Having even fired Kate Moss in the past over her own cocaine scandal, Cara will not be getting any royal treatment.

H&M has stated:

We have a zero tolerance policy towards drugs, and this also forms part of our advertising policy. Out team will evaluate the evidence over the next few days. If the story is true, then we will take action.

Oof, doesn’t look so good for Cara! Not to mention the indifferent remarks made by H&M spokesperson, mentioning how they had “no particular reason” to use her in future campaigns as well. Perhaps H&M is simply stating the obvious. Being known for casting a wide variety of models and celebrities, why would they need to use her in future campaigns?

However, from the tone of voice, we can assume Cara is just getting some much needed tough love (and time out). Multiple questions have been flitting around this whole debacle, however, mainly centered around the future career of the It Girl and H&M’s policy. Due to the model’s incredibly wide range of work from high-end Burberry to mainstream Topshop, you have to wonder what the other companies’ responses might be. And, what message will their decision send out?

H&M has been criticized for their backhanded and cold remarks towards the dilemma but we seem to think that it’s only appropriate. The fast fashion brand is known to cater a whole range of girls (and boys) with varying ages. It’s only normal to be concerned about what message they are sending out to its consumers.

Do you think H&M is being too harsh on Cara Delevingne?

(Featured Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)