With New York Fashion Week in full effect, everyone is keeping their eyes peeled for the inevitable: models falling on the runway.

Every model, at one time or another, has fallen on the runway. It’s not THAT big of a deal (says the woman who gets embarrassed after tripping on her shoelaces in front the the Dunkin Donuts guy). What is a big deal, is how you handle said fall.

Take for example Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel who took a nasty spill on Friday during the Givenchy show. The 26-year-old was helped up by a few people in the audience. After she composed herself, she continued to walk down the runway with a smile and grace.

And although she did leave with a few scratches and a “bruised ego,” she shouldn’t feel too bad as she wasn’t the only model to trip and fall during the show. Pooja Mor also took a tumble. While those Givenchy shoes are somethings we’ll be keeping off our wish lists, the overall spring/summer 2016 collection is gorgeous. While some are complaining of a lack of wow factor from Riccardo Tisci, we found the lace and monochromatic scheme offered a very romantic vibe. Some of this pieces were simple, like the white top and black pants Kendall Jenner wore down the runway. Other designs were much more elaborate like the gown worn by Joan Smalls. The bottom was lined with fur, which added unsuspected drama.

Of course the models falling also added drama…

What do you think of Candice Swanepoel’s nasty little spill?